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Dance photoshoot in Birmingham U.K. Centenary square
Female circus performer dancing on high heel roller skates with a hula hoop. Performing arts photography, dance photography, dance photographer UK, dance photographer Birmingham
Dance photoshoot in Brindley place, Birmingham U.K.
Female dancer wearing black crop top and shorts in motion. Dance and performance portfolios in West Midlands
A couple dancing in the park, dance couple, dance photographer Birmingham UK, outdoor dance photoshoot in Birmingham park, dance photographer UK, dance photography inspiration
Contemporary dancer jumping, dance photography by Anastasia Jobson
Birmingham Royal Ballet dancer is reaching out to light and executing ballet moves
Ballerina in a turquoise leotard is jumping while holding a beige colour scarf. Creative ballet dance photography
Portrait of a ballerina in a Birmingham park , Birmingham dance photographer
Outdoor fashion photoshoot in Birmingham UK, Nike SB orange shoes, hair flick dance pose, dance photography Birmingham, Fashion photography Birmingham and West Midlands
outdoor dance photoshoot Birmingham uk, dance photographer Staffordshire and Birmingham UK, creative dance photography
Professional circus performer and dance artist is dancing in the park
A dance portfolio photoshoot with a male ballet dancer in Birmingham U.K
Dance event photography by Anastasia Jobson. Birmingham Weekender 2019, Dance Jam in Digbeth
Outdoor dance photoshoot in Birmingham centre. Dance portrait in Birmingham uk, creative dance photoshoots in Birmingham and Staffordshire, fine art dance photography Midlands area, England
Dance photography birmingham uk, creative dance photoshoot, outdoor dance photo session in Lichfield Staffordshire
Studio dance portfolio, circus performer portfolio, dance photography uk, dance photoshoot birmingham, dance photographer Birmingham West Midlands Staffordshire
B&W image of a female ballet dancer in Birmingham, dance photography Birmingham
outdoor dance photography in Digbeth, Birmingham. Dance photographer Birmingham, dance photography Birmingham UK
Hula hoop circus performer portfolio, dance portfolio Birmingham and West Midlands, dance and movement photography Staffordshire and Midlands area
Street dance photoshoot in Birmingham city centre, outdoor dance photography shoot Birmingham uk
circus performer portfolio in Staffordshire and Midlands area, hula hoop performer's dance portfolio, action and movement photography in Birmingham uk
Ballet dance photoshoot in Birmingham city centre, street dance photography, dance photographer uk, dance photography Birmingham
Outdoor dance photoshoot in Birmingham UK, dance photographer uk, dance photography birmingham, Dance portfolio photography, dance portrait
A dance portrait of a female dancer. Dance photographer uk, outdoor dance photography, dance photoshoot in Birmingham UK
Creative dance portfolios in Birmingham area, studio dance and movement photoshoots in birmingham
Dance photographer uk, studio dance portfolio sessions in Birmingham and West Midlands
Dance photographer Birmingham, dance photography Birmingham and West Midlands U.K., studio dance photoshoot for a street dancer Gemma. Dance portfolio photoshoot Birmingham
Male dancer dancing on the staircase
Birmingham U.K. dance photography. Male dancer dancing in the street
Ballet dancer dancing on the beach. Dance photography by Anastasia Jobson. Creative dance portfolios in Birmingham and West Midlands
Dance photography in Birmingham U.K. Close up dance portrait of ballet dancer in white fabric
Street dancer doing a handstand in the street
Street dancer striking a pose in front of graffiti wall. Birmingham Digbeth, dance photoshoot
Creative dance portfolio photoshoot Birmingham uk, dance photographer uk, ballet dance photoshoot in Birmingham Library
A silhouette of female dancer dancing in the field, outdoor dance photography, creative dance photography, dance photographer uk, dance photography Birmingham UK
Dance portfolio photographers, dance photographer uk, dance photography poses, dance photography ideas, street dance photography
Black and white photo of a dancer striking a pose
Dancer dancing during sunset. Dance photography Birmingham U.K.
Dance photography, creative dance portfolios in Birmingham U.K.


A dance portfolio is an essential tool for a dancer’s self-presentation in the industry. It’s not just a marketing tool to helps your skills shine on social media, but also an opportunity to get a desired performance gig.
A dance portfolio is not a CV. Unlike a CV, your portfolio is more visual and comprehensive – it includes your background info as well as your best work both in video and photos. Include a dance reel, a recent headshot and some compelling dance photos showcasing your skills and experience.


1. Do your research. What dance jobs or dance companies you want to apply to?
2. Think about your dance poses.
3. Create a playlist. It’s a dance photoshoot so we are going to dance! Put together a playlist of all the songs that inspire you and make you want to dance!
4. Plan your outfits, make-up and hair.


Don’t get carried away by the latest fashion in your dance photos. Make sure you’re not restricted by your clothes at all; the last thing you want is to rip those expensive designer jeans whilst doing a split! If wearing your new gorgeous dress doesn’t allow you to show your full dance potential, it’s a bad trade-off.
If you are ever in doubt about what to wear for a dance photoshoot, choose tight-fitting leggings or cycling shorts with a crop top or a classic leotard. This way you will show off your physique as well as your clean lines in the action poses you’re striking.


For a BALLET dance photoshoot you want to go for a soft look to compliment your dress or outfit, in order to create a beautiful soft production.
For a CONTEMPORARY dance session, try going for a more natural look. Slight smokey eyes would suit well. Just make sure it suits the illusion you’re trying to create.
STREET dance or CONTEMPORARY JAZZ photo session is where you can bring high definition cheeks, red lips, and more defined eyes. Think of it more like a stage make-up; you want the audience to be able to see your expressions from afar, so go for a more vivid, bold look.